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Management Actions

SGMA provides broad authorities to GSAs to adopt rules, regulations, ordinances, or resolutions (“management actions”) in order to implement their Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP). 

The WDWA GSA Board of Directors recognizes that naturally degraded water quality within WDWA GSA’s boundaries limits the beneficial use of groundwater for agricultural and municipal beneficial uses. However, to enhance WDWA GSA’s capacity for informed decision-making regarding groundwater management and fill critical data gaps, the WDWA GSA Board of Directors adopted the following management actions:

  • Mandatory Well Registration
  • Net-Zero Well Drilling Moratorium within Proximity to Critical Infrastructure Impacted by Subsidence
  • Well Extraction Volume Reporting within Proximity to Critical Infrastructure Impacted by Subsidence

All landowners within WDWA GSA with a groundwater extraction well(s) must comply with these management actions. Instructions for how to comply with these management actions have been distributed via mail to all landowners. Please contact the GSA directly with any questions on how to comply with the adopted management actions. 

WDWA GSA Well Registration Management Action - Adopted 20240220.pdfWDWA GSA Well Drilling Moratorium Management Action - Adopted 20240220.pdfWDWA GSA Well Extraction Volumes Management Action with Flowmeters - Adopted 20240220.pdf

How do I know if my property is within close proximity to critical infrastructure? 

WDWA GSA defines proximity to critical infrastructure as, "groundwater extraction wells within 2.5 miles of Mileposts 195-215 of the California Aqueduct".

Landowners can determine if their groundwater extraction wells is located in close proximity to critical infrastructure by typing in their wells GPS coordinates into this interactive web map or reference the PDF map linked below.

WDWA GSA Proximity to Critical Infrastructure Map.pdf