About Westside District Water Authority Groundwater Sustainability Agency

In 2012, the Westside District Water Authority Groundwater Sustainability Agency (WDWA GSA) was formed through a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) between Berrenda Mesa Water District (BMWD), Belridge Water Storage District (BWSD), and Lost Hills Water District (LHWD). In response to the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, WDWA GSA elected to become an independent Groundwater Sustainability Agency to represent BWSD, LHWD, and BMWD within the Kern County Subbasin.

Regular board meetings are held quarterly on the Tuesday following the third Thursday of the month at Belridge Water Storage District Office – 21908 Seventh Standard Road, McKittrick, CA 93251 at 10:30 a.m. If needed, the WDWA GSA Board of Directors may also call special board meetings throughout the year. Board meeting agendas and minutes can be found on the Minutes/Agendas page.

2024 Regular Board Meeting Dates:

February 20, 2024
May 21, 2024
July 24, 2024
October 22, 2024

If you are interested in receiving board meeting notices and agendas, please request to be added to WDWA GSA’s interested parties list by emailing regulatory@westsidewa.org.